I want to take a moment to acknowledge Gigi’s wonderful demeanor and work ethic. I couldn’t tell you how many years she’s been helping me, but it seems like she’s always been there. However long it’s been this email is long overdue. Gigi brings a solid, efficient, professionalism to her work as well as a friendly, humorous style. Everything she has ever done for me was done super-fast and efficiently. She is a well-spring of good cheer, kindness, and warmth. She has the gift of making everyone feel comfortable and cared for. In a world where most of us are quick to complain and slow to praise, in my opinion, dear Gigi makes life a little nicer to live, knowing people like her are still out there. To me, Gigi is a flawless example of a true professional. I apologize for being slow to praise, and for not singing her praises sooner. Thank you so much for reading this. - Dale Carney