Lady of Justice

“What good is equal justice, if you don’t have access to it?”

Now with LegalShield you have access to equal justice!  Finally there is a system that allows access to an attorney at an affordable price!  Here are a couple of reasons why you might seek an attorney:

  • Document Preparation:  Will, Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, a letter written on your behalf by an attorney, or an attorney-approved contract
  • Family Matters: Representation for Uncontested Divorce/Separation, Adoption or Name Change, Your children’s academic institution policies, or if a family members challenge your parents’ Will
  • Auto: Motor vehicle services, non-criminal moving traffic violation assistance, you receive a speeding ticket, your car is damaged by a hit and run driver
  • Home: Home purchase, refinance, foreclosure, landlord/tenant, residential loan document assistance, or you need a rental agreement reviewed
  • Financial: Collections, Warranties, Guarantees, IRS Audit

Whatever your need may be, having LegalShield will be there for you!  Click this link to get your LegalShield quote.

Or, to learn more about LegalShield services, click here to watch a short LegalShield video.