The Trident Agency is a family owned and operated Independent Insurance Agency specializing in superior products coupled with superior customer service. We have been serving our community with insurance services since 1969, and offer a complete line of insurance products including auto, RV, home, earthquake, life, health, and business insurance.

The Trident Insurance Agency was founded by my father Melvyn Budnick in 1969.  After graduating from University of Southern California and finishing his term in the US Navy, he set out to create a stable family business that would ensure financial security for his 3 children.  I am the oldest of my siblings and took the opportunity to work with my father in 1985. This was the best decision I ever made because it not only allowed me to build a professional foundation for myself and become an expert in the insurance industry, but I was able to share memorable moments with my father that I will cherish forever.

From The Trident Agency’s inception until now, we consider our clients to be our most valuable assets, and we continually strive to earn and retain your business, trust, and confidence.


Debra Jackson, President & CEO

Debra Jackson, President & CEO


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