Employees can easily be harmed on the job, especially if they work in an injury prone industry such as a restaurant or construction site. Luckily, a CA Worker’s Compensation policy safeguards against issues involving injury and illness at the workplace. But fraud is a serious threat. One false claim can cause your rates to skyrocket. Now with the high costs of medical insurance, the incidence of fraudulent worker’s comp claims are on the rise.

With Aflac’s low cost-accidental injury and disability plans, coupled with 24-hour claims payout, employees are less likely to take the risk of falsifying claims.


This program:

  • Costs nothing ($0) to the business
  • Discourages / Prevents fraudulent claims
  • Is easy-to-implement, hands-free, and requires no paperwork
  • Provides a free tax savings and lowers worker’s comp premiums

What do these findings mean for employers? In short, savings. By making voluntary accident

or voluntary disability insurance available to your workers, you could significantly decrease the

frequency and expense of workers’ compensation claims and absenteeism.

Anecdotal evidence has long suggested that companies offering voluntary accident and disability insurance policies experience lower workers’ compensation claims. A new Aflac survey of 945 benefits decision-makers confirms that making such coverage available to employees is a smart move for protecting your bottom line.

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